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TechPapaya aims to contribute to maximising the availing of benefits of welfare schemes at the last mile.

We offer scientific, data-driven solutions with measurable outcomes to the Government for enhanced effectiveness of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) efforts.

Digital Campaigns Website CMS Platforms Mobile App Email Marketing Event Promotion
Digital Campaigns Website CMS Platforms Mobile App Email Marketing Event Promotion

Our Outreach Strategy

Improved User Experiences Simplified User Journeys

Understanding Citizens/User

Understanding Citizens/User

Through in-depth profiles and needs analysis, we gain insights that shape our solutions

Communication Outreach

Crafting & Strategizing Communication Outreach

We craft simple, impactful messages that resonate with citizens. Through strategic planning, we reach the intended audience through channels that guarantee maximum impact.

Designing User-friendly Platforms

Designing User-friendly Platforms

We design platforms to ensure information accessibility, hassle-free interaction between citizens & government agencies, and seamless online user journeys.

Outreach Strategy

TechPapaya SuperDiet

Scientific, Data-driven Solutions

At TechPapaya, we design customised and optimal outreach plans for the government to help them achieve their objectives, with a promise of measurable outcomes.

Digital Campaigns

Scientific, Data-Driven
Digital Campaigns

  • Need-analysis, Contextual communication design
  • Focused & targeted Social Media Outreach
  • Desired call-to-action
UX/UI Design

Research-based, cutting-edge
UX/UI Design

  • Portals / Websites
  • Mobile Apps

Core Team

Smriti Tripathi

Smriti Tripathi, Chief Executive

With an extensive background spanning over 20 years, Smriti excels in both building and managing Marcom businesses.

Reenu Jain

Reenu Jain, Marketing Lead

Reenu has deep understanding of content and context especially in government-based communication and has worked across mediums.

Namrata Kamra

Namrata Kamra, Technical Lead

Expert in UX/UI Design, Namrata has designed websites & apps across diverse sectors.

Bharti Devjani

Bharti Devjani, Digital Strategist

Bharti empowers businesses to achieve their objectives through innovative and effective digital strategies.

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